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Joy Fellowship

Be joyful, Joy Fellowship welcomes you!

Second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 3:00PM

Oceanside Gui Lan Cao

Yage Fellowship

Yage Fellowship was established in 1996. This fellowship not only help and support each other in their working and personal lives, but we also watch for and encourage one another through our spiritual journey together.

Every Friday, 7:30PM Encinitas Church

Gang Niu, Mike Yin

Mark Fellowship

Though foreigners in a foreign country, we at Mark Fellowship do not feel the loneliness experienced by foreigners, for our hearts are warmed by the love we have for each other in the Lord. Our fellowship also has a bunch of lovely kids, as well as high school students who help take care of the preschoolers.


Every Friday, 7:30PM

To Be Announced

Li Zhang

3/1/14 Jun Li

New Life Fellowship

We are a group of brothers and sisters who no longer have to worry for our children. At the same time we are willing to start anew, readjust the pace of our lives, and seek spiritual growth together and live out the new life in us. We welcome you to join us, support, care for, and pray for one another, life impacting life.


2nd and 4th and Friday of each month, 9:30AM

Encinitas Church

Hui Ling Mao (760)

Sisters Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship is comprised of sisters of all ages. At our meetings, Pastor Chiang leads the worship time and Bible study and we also enjoy sharing our life experiences. Once a month we have an outing. Come join us and be lifted up in spirit, mind and health.

Every Wednesday, 10:00AM Encinitas HOPE Church Ms. Chen

Ezra Fellowship

Every Tuesday,  9:00 AM

Encinitas HOPE Church

Cathy Chen

Young Adult Fellowship


Some of us just started in our career, some are still ‘embattling’ in graduate studies, and there are also those ‘youthful elders’ who generously share their precious experiences with us. Come and received the abundance of God’s promises with us!

Every Friday, 6:30PM Carmel Valley Hwai-En Ho
Young Family

We are surrounded by many lovely “never-get-tired” kids. In this lively and active fellowship, we grow and mature with our children. We welcome you to our Young Family Fellowship.

TBA Carmel Valley Jenny Chou

Youth Fellowship (English)

This youth ministry takes a team approach, and values the active support and involvement of parents and other adults in caring for the youths.

Every Friday
Hope Church
Pastor Caleb AuYoung
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